A culturally diverse group of musicians that are committed to providing a high standard of music excellence, coupled with exceptional professionalism, class and distinction, sums up QuinTessential. The repertoire is a Mixed Masala of music for every occasion and audience. Styles range from medium tempo swing to lush ballads, and even as far as contemporary, fusion, popular, and afro-centric music from well-known local and international artists. The band is suitable to perform as a great background jazz band, or perform as an excellent dance band. Their vast repertoire is tailored to the occasion with a mix of traditional jazz standards, African traditional and party songs, Pop and top 40 making up the distinctive repertoire.

- Based in Cape Town, available throughout the Western Cape
- Standard performance duration: 2x 45 minute sets within 2 hours, extendable up to 5 hours

- Line-Up: Quintet: Female vocals, saxophone, keyboard, bass, drums; 
- Line-Up: Quartet: Saxophone, keyboard, bass, drums
- Genres: Swing Jazz, Latin Jazz, Light Pop, Contemporary Jazz, Dance Pop, South African Pop