DJ Paola was the first female DJ in South Africa in the late-80’s playing at legendary clubs, including Idols and Mrs Hendersons in Johannesburg. The music scene lost her to the modelling industry for many years when she went to work at one of the top agencies in London. She returned to South Africa in the mid-90’s to facilitate the opening of Boss Models in Cape Town and after a few years she decided to go back to her first passion: DJ’ing. DJ Paola has played at some of the biggest private parties in Cape Town as well as for many celebrity and corporate functions. She has also been intergral in booking DJs and Djing at Shimmy Beach Club when it first opened. Her style of music is so varied, that she can keep any crowd happy; anything from deep house to golden oldies, top 40 pop, old pop and much more. “My main goal is to keep the crowd happy”, said Miss P.

- Based in Cape Town, available throughout Cape Town and surrounding towns
- Standard performance duration: 5 hours, extendable up to 8 hours


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